Monday, January 31, 2011


Phil Williams explains how the NuGovt was conned by the self-interest cronies appointed by the last Govt which the public kicked out of office.

This is yet further evidence that the ConDems are totally naive and stupid and will believe any old tripe put forward by Labour's civil servants who despite a general election, are still making policies that the majority of non-smoking and smoking voters rejected at the ballot box.

They want choice, equality, to be treated as grown ups, and to be allowed to decide for themselves where they socialise and who with. The NuGovt doesn't care about the voter which is why I believe it will lose the next election. People are already fed up and if they do not do something to address the very real concerns of freedom of choice v dictatorship, then they are finished as parties.

Tory supporters are already hanging their heads in embarrassment at this "socialist" NuConservative party and frankly, the LibDems have become a laughing stock. If they do not change their bigoted stance on smokers, then other parties will get the support that might have gone their way

They've lied to their core support - students - and their once in their history go at being in Govt has only shown that they are no alternative. The hopes people had in them to be "different" from the other two main parties has only been exposed as false and built on nothing more substantial that straw.

Yes, the Lib Dems are finished as a party. I think some will stay with the Tories as the best hope of keeping their fat salaries. Others will join NuLabour - and as that thoroughly corrupt party has bragged - in the thousands.

The only decent LibDems I know are Coun Carl Minns from Hull and the Mayor of Market Rasen, Ken Bridger. I wish they'd both see sense and cross over. Ken I know is very much an ordinary bloke trying to do good. From what I have learned of Carl, I feel he is the same. UKIP needs more people like that. Their talents are wasted with their party of choice.

I recall Dudley UKIP councillor Malcolm Davis - who crossed over from the LibDems - said he was disillusioned with his former party and many more feel like he does.

UKIP can become the new party of the people for the people. It is growing from the bottom up and is taking support from the LibLabCon party. It is not full of "nazi brownshirts" as jealous critics put out to scare away support. It's full of people fed up at being ignored over all sorts of issues - the smoking ban being the one that affects 12 million potential voters.

The media also criticises UKIP because its prospective MPs are ordinary people so fed up with the LibLabCon dictatorship, that they have taken matters into their own hands in a bid to get that change that Britain so desperately needs if she is to survive, and her people are to remain free.

They are not slick politicians trained in the art of lying. They are honest men and women who tell it as they see it. They may say things people don't like - but at least they know what they are voting for.

Currently the main parties are making Britons that thing they said they'd never be - slaves.