Sunday, January 23, 2011


I had my first experience of a smoky-drinky gathering last night and the banging head I had this morning reminded me of how much fun it was - but also that next time my contribution will be tea bags instead of a bottle of red.

I always enjoy tea and cigarettes more than a pint and a fag because alcohol just doesn't agree with me. I could never be an alcoholic, for example, but I do miss cafes and restaurants. I can't handle them these days because having to sit outside means the tea is cold before I get to it. There's no point sitting inside as a smoker. Tea without a cigarette is like whisky without soda, gin without tonic, or coffee without sugar and cream.

The smoky-drinky was in fact a joint birthday party in someone's garden shed kitted out with everything you need including ashtrays, log burning stove, and kitchen.

I discovered too late that the place had a kettle. Oh well, perhaps next time I'll take my Yorkshire's and then I won't need to get my other half to stop the car on the way home for me to puke in the hedgerows - and avoid the nasty hawthorn bush which poked me in the eye.

Two strong coffees this morning with toast and then two cuppas on top sorted me out. I'm told the magic hour for hang overs to disappear is 3pm the following day. With just 30 minutes to go, my suffering is almost over and I must get in touch with last night's host to thank him and ask when is the next one?

Smoky-drinky's are happening across the country as people - both smokers and non-smokers - come together in private groups to enjoy each other's company, stick two fingers up to Nanny and enjoy a social evening as normal people did before they were excluded from Nationalised Pubs, Restaurants and Cafes on 1st July 2007.