Sunday, March 6, 2011


Tears, passion, determination and hope were the hallmarks of UKIP's Spring Conference at Scarborough where the party came of age after 13 years of battling to win main stream public support.

I got goosepumps as I sat among the thousands of delegates who watched history in the making as this former one issue fringe party called out the lions of the LibLabCon to a fight for the heart and soul of the country.

Support for UKIP is In the National Interest and I believe those who care about freedom, democracy and stability have a duty to future generations to come on board now and stop the damage caused by the career LibLabCon politicians.

The party's excellent result in Barnsley shows that is the real alternative to the LibDems and with hard work it can become the third party of British politics. Perhaps it could do even better as it does appear the British public is waking from a very long slumber.

Almost 70% didn't vote at Barnsley - not because they are content with the "Coalition of Children" as Lord Monckton called the NuGovt - but because they can't see anything or anyone worth voting for. They've lost their faith that the Three Party Alliance can help them so they stay home in despair and switched off. How big would Labour's true share of the vote be if they had turned out?

In UKIP is a party that speaks for all of the disaffected of the LibLabCon - the ones who can see nothing familiar in the Parties of their parents. The political wind is changing and UKIP has caught it.

What's at stake is everyday life. For a party accused of being "xenophobic" UKIP has members from all kinds of ethnic backgrounds who see UKIP as the ONLY alternative party and the only one courageous enough to speak in real opposition to issues of grave concern that dare not speak their name.

The speakers who had the most effect on me were the ordinary granddad - a former Labour councillor - who would rather be with his grandchildren but he has come out of retirement and back into politics because he truly fears for their future.

Then there was the former Conservative member who said this battle for freedom and real democracy was as important as the battles of WW1 and WW2. He is not the only one to see that EU control of nation states is dangerous to our economic and social well being.

UKIP's stance on wanting out of the EU is not about hate of Europe - it's about hate of the undemocratic power of individuals over all nations of our continent.

UKIP's fight is with the EU for killing and stifling the diversity of our European friends and neighbours with endless regulations and ideological beliefs that don't relate to real people.

The battle is about fighting intolerance, division, exclusion, inequality and thought crime. The battle is to create wealth because without it there is nothing to share.

UKIP believes the people of this country should have the power to make their own decisions in line with what is best for their economic and social needs. We should at least be asked whether we want in or out of the EU.

Another speaker told the story of a school boy tasked to do an essay on the benefits of being a member of the EU. He researched it but couldn't find anything he thought was beneficial and so he wrote about the disadvantages of being in the EU. He was given detention.

A schoolgirl who decided to be a UKIP candidate in a mock election was told there would be no representation of "racist" parties. It confirmed in her mind the importance of freedom of speech.

Throughout the whole two days of conference and speaking to many UKIP supporters, I did not hear one word said that could be deemed racist. I also saw too many black and Asian faces among the delegates to be convinced it is "xenophobic" in any way.

Another myth about UKIP is that it only draws in Tories who see it as a "protest group". There are too many former Labour supporters and Lib Dem supporters for that and the Tories have come over because they don't recognise this brand of NuConservatism promoted by Dave and his mates.

One speaker who brought tears to my eyes was a fifth generation fisherman. A man who has never been involved in politics but is moved to join the fight because of his fear that there will be no sixth generation out at sea but on the dole. He can see his culture being slaughtered with the thousands of dead fish he has to keep throwing back under ludicrous EU demands of Fish Discard - and the continual rolling over of the British Govt in pandering to outrageous EU demands.

I joined the party as the only alternative when I felt politically and socially disconnected by the smoking ban. I didn't expect much and I was wary. I found almost immediately that every thing I'd ever read about UKIP in the press did not reflect the majority view on the ground.

It is drawing in people from left, right and centre who are coming together because they can see that UKIP's leader is strong, original, passionate, skilled, and he's certainly no "Heir to Blair."

He has common sense and courage and he inspires that in his membership. They are ordinary people who would rather be sitting at home but they know this fight is down to them. They are not taking to the streets to riot but with quiet dignity they have taken to canvassing on the doorstep instead. They have joined a party that has listened and will act but will not make promises it can't keep.

Farage comes across as genuine. He is such a great orator and politican he would be an asset to any of the LibLabCon. He can talk the talk and walk the walk but he chooses not to. Indeed, when he took part in the Mumsnet debate, he was asked why he didn't progress his personal career and join the Lib Dems. For Farage it is about honouring and staying true to what he believes in. He will take no part in selling Britain's soul for his own professional gain.

The question of the future will be who is "Heir to Farage" and the answer might lie in the inspiring Young Independents group made up of members aged 18 - 24. Their speakers were intellectual, original, independent and refreshing. Surveys show that UKIP is attracting more support among this age group than the LibDems. UKIP will abolish tuition fees for students and it can make that promise.

If you're on Facebook there's a precis of UKIP policies HERE

A mini-manifesto can be found here HERE

I'm looking forward to September and the next conference in Eastbourne. Meanwhile, we have the upcoming council elections to fight. Bearing in mind UKIP's cuts aim to hit those at the top who can most afford it most, and the useless quangos that support them, it has a strong local message to take out to the door.

With four new defections also announced during Conference, it's obvious that UKIP really is a party on the up that has come of age and the electorate has recognised it.