Friday, March 4, 2011


At last. It appears the electorate is waking up to the LibLabCon as people in Barnsley voted in droves last night to push UKIP into second place and the Tories and LibDems right off the scale.

Serves you right Nick Clegg with your refusal to acknowledge smokers, your arrogance in deciding what "freedoms" we are permitted and which we are not. I hope your party is finished due to its shameful support of the anti-smoker industry and smokerphobe ideology.

I also hope that Real Conservatives will abandon Cameron and his usurpers who, like the Lib Dems, have betrayed their members' hopes and beliefs. The support smokers gave to them in hope at the last election, won't come their way again because they have not done one thing for us.

The result in Barnsley was brilliant - but for the Labour win. I hope it's a one off for them in a safe seat. Surely the electorate is not so stupid as to trust NuLabour again. It's refusal to listen to smokers, and it's active campaign to exclude, denormalise, and criminalise smokers, means its lost my vote and that of others like me who were loyal for generations. That will never come back.

Disaffected, Lib lab and Con supporters, cross over and be part of a new future for the country and support the only party that cares about it - UKIP.

I will be at the UKIP Spring conference tomorrow with lots to report from the event as it unfolds - or a full report when I get back.

I am so happy today. I hope the LibLabCon took note of what happened last night. The quiet revolution has begun. We will not be ignored any longer.