Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Lincoln and Gainsborough UKIP members were invited to a social and recruitment evening organised by the landlord of the Turnor Arms in Wragby.

The line up I manged to shoot (with the camera of course) included Nick Smith the chairman and UKIP Parliamentary candidate for Lincoln during the last general election, and Tony Wells who stood for Sleaford and North Hykeham last May.

They will be both be standing as local candidates along with others in the photo including yours truly. I got the last of my nomination signatures today and so campaiging will now begin in earnest. We will be setting up stalls in town and knocking on doors telling people what UKIP is about over the next few weeks.

But it can be summed up in one phrase : Vote UKIP - Save Britain. UKIP is the only non-racist, common sense, pragmatic, fair, and meaningful alternative to the current LibLabCon which is killing our culture, heritage, national identity, and notions of tolerance and fair play.

For those still to be persuaded that UKIP can handle the economy, they only need look at what the NuConservatives are doing to see that they are stealing UKIP policies and passing them off as their own - including combining NI and income tax into one deduction from pay slips.

UKIP is the party of the people for the people so vote UKIP in May if only to tell the other three that enough is enough. Voting UKIP means your vote might actually change something.