Thursday, March 3, 2011


I couldn't blog yesterday because I felt physically sick at the orchestrated anti-smoker campaign that used and exploited children to further it's morally twisted cause.

My guess is that the 15,000 signatures collected were from children of those who work in the industry - or parents who don't see that their kids are getting a lesson in how to fear and how to hate people who have no wish to harm anyone.

I wonder if it was just coincidental that this stage managed approach from people I have never met, telling me what to do with my own car that they will never get into, happened on the same day that a state backed harassment campaign against smokers was launched.

As Leg Iron says, it proves that police forces need trimming back. Teresa May should be looking to Essex first when deciding where the biggest axe on services should fall.

Essex police obviously have officers to waste on intimidating people in their own private property while they go about their private daily business peacefully. A company car used to belong to the owner of the company. The boss set the rules for the employee who used it. There were consequences if they were broken. The Govt had no right to interfere.

All private company vehicles were Nationalised by NuLabour along with private pubs, restaurants, and cafes and this NuGovt is doing nothing to relieve the pressure. Not satisfied with slaughtering the pub industry, it seems the state is now costing companies delivery time by allowing the police to set up "stop and sniff" road blocks to delay drivers. If it wasn't so oppressive it would be reminiscent of an Ealing Comedy.

I have accepted all restrictions with dignity in the past 40 years and abided by them. Telling me what to do with a legal product on my own property is a step too far. It is my line. This is where I take no more. This is where I fail to comply.

I will ignore a car ban. I will ignore a home ban. I will not let them exploit money from me in fines. I will go to prison if I have to. I said criminalisation after exclusion was the aim all along. It looks like it might come to that for me. I will have no other choice.

I don't want to lose the remaining liberty I have left over this issue but what is the point of liberty if you are not free to enjoy it? The prison of the inside or the prison of the outside makes no difference. I want back the life the anti-smokers and smokerphobes stole from me. I want to live in peace without fear or prejudice. Why does this merit such a demonstration of hate against me?

Why is this Govt not listening and when will it act to stop this fear and hatred from spiralling further out of control?