Monday, March 7, 2011


Well, the only way to get more young people smoking and to increase their chance of getting hold of tobacco is to create a thriving black market. There can be no other reason why the NuGovt has announced it has nationalised tobacco packaging with the order that legitimate business must not inform smokers of what product they are buying.

No doubt the criminals are celebrating this unique opportunity and already getting their plain packaged low quality and dangerous mix of shite and tobacco ready for the big day.

Unlike legitimate shop keepers, they will not ask proof of age before selling to children and I can only assume that this is the real aim of the NuGovt and the corrupt anti-smoking industry whose pocket the NuGovt lives in.

Yes, to survive the anti-smoking industry needs more smokers to persecute and not less and so this plan must have an ulterior motive. Intellectual politicians and fair Govts that listen to all sides and conduct consultation before embarking on such stupidity would never do such a thing.

But then who said this NuGovt, and it's health persecutors Andrew Lansley and Ann Milton, had any intelligence? They are blinded and motivated by pure hate.

Smokers - if you voted Tory last time I hope you have taken note. They had no plans to help you. They lied before the election to get your vote and now they are happy to tell you to fuck off.

I hope you give them the same message next time you are asked to support them - like at the upcoming council elections for example. Bloody nose? I'd expect the country's 12 million smokers (ooops - sorry that's gone up to 15 million since the blanket ban) to lay the Tories out flat.