Tuesday, July 19, 2011


It's confirmed - the Department of Health is full of the same kind of nutters as Councillor Paul Bartlett.

I guess that's really not surprising because the DoH has admitted that it is corrupt and it allows an unelected smokerphobic political lobby group to run the dept and make policy to humiliate smokers in much the same way as I imagine the BNP would do to immigrants if it was given the same kind of free rein over the Home Office.

The above image courtesy of Dick Pudlecote reveals how deeply incestuous our governing systems have become with the terrorist wing of the Big Pharma corporates and Debs Arnott - it's commander-in-chief - even sits in debates to ensure that ministers, Lords, and our supposed elected representatives do as they are told.

As we showed in Stony Stratford, try and bring your illiberal bans any further to encroach upon our personal lives and we will revolt.

Please DoH hear our message - ENOUGH is ENOUGH - and we don't pay your wages for you to to fund political lobby groups that work against the National interest!