Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Big Pharma political lobby front group ASH Uk is looking all sanctimonious and smarmy HERE as it straggles together a few kids - one or two looking rather obese as it happens - who are probably personally known to the organsation and it's members.

In fact there were more people at my hurriedly put together protest in Lincoln against the sort of scaremongering and smokerphobia promoted by ASH Uk that can't use evidence to get at smokers but prefers instead to use children as human shields in its puritanical war on tobacco and its consumers.

The handful of oh so middle class kids taught to hate smokers from birth are allegedly protesting (ok, yah) at British American Tobacco using child labour in Africa. A very middle class cause if ever there was one. Nice to see Dave Atherton has commented putting the bigots in their place and revealing how because of their own prejudices, they plan to destroy the third world economy.

Whether Debs' crew with smokerphobic MP Kevin Barron are protesting about Malawi specifically or Africa in general remains to be seen but if so, then I think Malawi has bigger problems and before getting at smokers that appear to keep the economy going, they are looking to ban farting instead.

ASH Uk is also strangely silent on it's big Pharma funder Pfizer's use of kids as medical guinea pigs but as long as that keeps the money rolling into this discredited organisations pockets, then I suppose that's all right then.

Really. Do they think we're stupid? Oh - if course they do. After all their lies on smoking to promote smokerphobia puts out the idea that smokers are thick.

I wonder why these people don't just diappear and do something useful with their lives --- but then I guess that's because there's easy money in this cause for them and the bottom line is that this is what it's all about. Fake stage managed protests like this only serve to make this fake charity look even more dishonest.