Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The latest junk scientists paid to promote further smokerphobia.

As a journalist, I'm always astounded at how easily hoodwinked my "colleagues" are on issues around smoking. Can they allow themselves to be any more manipulated by highly paid professionals who have one aim in mind - making lots of cash for themselves from half baked studies aimed at eradicating tobacco use and criminalising smokers for their paymasters in Big Pharma.

We know, for example, that papers like the Daily Mail are bigoted publications that hire writers who believe they have the right to attack smokers at any time* and so how can we be expected to believe a thing written about smoking in this old rag that is about as ethical as the Notw?

Then of course there is The BBC - an organisation full of sanctimonious snobs who hate the poor and underclasses so much they are happy to see them jailed because they can't afford to waste cash on a TV licence to be force fed State Propaganda such as this.

As demonstrated yesterday the Scottish press is completely governed by the anti-smoker industry which spoon feeds pet journalists (and I use that term loosely because of their failure to be impartial and look at both sides of an issue) and so it is no surprise that they have jumped aboard and swallowed whole this latest piece of junk science.

Let us not forget that it was a Scottish paper that tried to incite hatred of smokers by it's use of terms such as "flotsam and jetsum in describing fellow human beings.

And I wouldn't mind so much if these so called scientists were open about their so called "research" but as you'll find out at this link they keep it all very well hidden so no one can challenge their so called "methods".

The post below, and linked above, shows how when asked to provide that research very much in the public interest if it aims to incite fear and loathing of a minority group of people, they cry foul and demand Govt protects their lies.

It seems the endgame of this latest "study" that says the fraudulent issue of passive smoking now makes kids deaf is clear : "For these reasons, as well as other smoke-related health risks, they say the best advice is to avoid any exposure to tobacco smoke as far as is feasible" but of course they mean smokERS should be avoided at all costs and further humiliated because they don't subcribe to this new religion

And for me it is no surprise that this new science by press release has been timed to appear immediately after our successful protest in Stony Stratford against smokerphobic nutter Coun Paul Bartlett.

After all, it was sheer blasphemy wasn't it.

Newspapers should beware of becoming mouthpieces against their readership as times for the print industry are not good. There is talk of some dailies having such a low readership they can only be sustained by going weekly. The Scunthorpe Telegraph is the latest to announce such plans.

What these media organisations that live in the anti-smoker industry's pockets don't realise is that smokers are not only voters but formerly buyers of their newspapers too.

Smokers stopped buying their tripe more than four years ago when they pushed hard in support of the smoking ban. Most people, I have found, don't give a stuff about the smoking issue and even hardened antis would prefer choice in pubs, clubs, restaurants and cafes, to keep smokers off the streets. So it would seem that these smokerphobic publications are only keeping themselves and a minority of weirdos happy.

The sooner they all go the way of the News of the World, the better served and fairer this country will be. They should not be complacent about blogs which are are gaining their lost readership.

Like Leg Iron says in the comments on Frank Davis's blog we can only hope that one day passive smoking proves to make people not only deaf but mute as well. But then that would never happen would it? These fraudsters invent the illnesses and the children affected (it's always the children) very carefully and they'd never want a scenario where they, their pet journalists and their emotional blackmail tools, would ever be seen and not heard.

* Just a word on the link above to the Anna May Mangan pregnancy and smoking debate. I really had planned to pack this blog in and had deleted it when the call came in to do the radio show. That smokerphobic bigot angered me so much with her foul prejudices and calls for pregnant women to be attacked in the street that I figured this battle needs all the soldiers it can get.

Next time when it all gets too intense, I'll just take time out.