Thursday, July 21, 2011


An obviously impartial Govt minister (not)

An obviously impartial academic paid to produce biased results for her masters in ASH among others in the anti-smoker industry

I am so sick of these sort of people scrounging their personal wealth from the taxes I have paid on my legal product since the age of 8 and Govts who are too stupid to realise they have been taken for idiots.

You see, after getting Nanny Anne Milton's response via my MP Karl McCartney yesterday, I thought I'd do a bit of Google research into self-interest sociologist Linda Bauld who carried out a (snigger) “evidence based review” of the smoker ban in England.

Ages ago (although I can't now find the link to the blog post I did at the time – I really must sort out these tag lines into some kind of order that allows me to find things) when it became clear that former health secretary St Gillian of Merron had been given a completed review of the devastating smoking ban, I did an FoI request to get a copy of that report. I suspected that it would show that everyone loved the ban – even before it had been complied – and I was proved right. They didn't have to pay almost one million pounds to get it done – they could have just made it up – oh, but then the author did, didn't she?

I was told that I couldn't have the review until it had been “peer reviewed” which I assumed meant “cherry picked”. And cherry picking is exactly what Linda Bauld did with her smoking ban review that selected evidence, hyped up non-existent health scares like a miraculous drop in heart attacks since the spiteful blanket ban which were proved to be false and made up of manipulated junk science to pull the wool over the eyes of the stupid while supporting the ideology that these enemies of the people planned to push forward at any cost to society.

I did find a link to a critique carried out by Imperial Tobacco and it was quite comforting to know that the company does actually care enough about the denormalisation of it's consumers that it has actually questioned the alleged “impartiality” of Bauld's work HERE. OK, so big bad baccy did it but I say hoo-fucking-ray.

Others have also asked questions about how lead players in the persecution of legal consumers have infiltrated our parliament. How did the UK Centre for tobacco control, which is a network of nine universities all troughing their snouts into the £17 million pounds of OUR money given to add credence to the lies of ASH, CRUK, the BHF and related self-interest groups that really can't be called “charities” anymore, get to make health policy? We didn't elect them. I don't recall seeing any of their names on the ballot list of candidates at the general election.

Bauld, a member of ASH, vice chair of CRUK tobacco control's Third Reich, and an advisory member of the Smoke Free South West programme board (whatever that bollox means) and a member of the International Network of Women Against Tobacco (INWAT – or should that read slightly differently) does not work for the public but self interest organisations to push through their own bigoted agenda. Why on earth was this woman given the job of a so called “evidence based review” when it was so obvious she was going to fake it? She certainly has a conflict of interest. The Govt might just as well have given it to someone in the tobacco industry to compile – the “impartiality” would have been just the same although no doubt a different result would be seen.

You only have to look at what Bauld says about the “beneficial effects on the hospitality industry” to know that her greatest skill is lying of the first grade. Anyone who skipped school in the fourth year and left without any qualifications can surmise that since the smoking ban of 2007 our pubs and clubs have suffered enormously. Why didn't she ask those pub landlords now out of business – or jailed like Nick Hogan? There are thousands of them to choose from. Or the smokers shunned and avoided by their communities who now sit at home lonely with no where to go? She didn't ask them of course because she must want everyone to believe the crap that she spouts but as tax payers, and citizens of what used to be a tolerant and fair country, we deserve to be told the truth and not spin fed selected data from people with self interest motives.

Before the likes of her political lobby groups including ASH reintroduced discrimination, phobia, hatred and untruths into our society, in ways not seen since the days when the hospitality industry posted notices on their doors such as “No Irish, No Blacks and No Dogs”, this country was one that could be proud of how it treated people from all different faiths, lifestyles, and ethnicity. Now it really should hang its head in shame for what it is doing to selected minorities because it hates the product that they consume.

We've also seen that as soon as anyone wants to challenge these academic ideologically driven reviews and sociological biased behavioural studies on how to further exclude and isolate smokers, through the exploitation of young people and children, she cries like a spoiled child and demands Govt covers up this jiggery-pokery fakery.

These people should not only be sacked for failing to be impartial in the area of academic study but prosecuted for hate crime. Bauld, for example, has no intention of providing impartiality if it means it goes against taking this to the "Next Logical Step." The truth wouldn't allow the phobia and untruths about smokers to end, would it. Neither would it earn yet more tax coffers for those she works for.

We smokers, the biggest tax payers in this country, demand an independent review by a truly independent third party and for the political smokerphobic lobbyists to be removed from pushing forth their own agenda and frauds in the Parlt that is supposed to represent and work for us - not highly paid political lobby groups and their pet academics. And we demand that a new study is done now in the name of fairness, impartiality and honesty. Perhaps they could get back the money they paid Bauld because of the shoddy service she gave. (Unless of course truth and independence was not something the Govt wanted.)

Download a copy of the Imperial Tobacco critique from the link above and send a copy to your MP, or local councillor along with a letter DEMANDING a truly independent review of this monstrous piece of legislation. We must expose these people for what they are - greedy liars who hate smokers and are happy to ruin people's lives if it brings in money for themselves or the ideological aims of political lobby groups they work for.