Friday, April 22, 2011


I've given up waiting for the response from the tobacco company Imperial and I'm fed up of giving them the benefit of the doubt. I've always said the industry is not our friend but it is not our enemy unlike the anti-smoker industry. I was wrong.

They have abandoned us, the antis have won, the tobacco companies have let them. Choice is consigned to history for those of us who want the natural product and not some man made alternative. I guess growing our own tobacco is the only way forward for those of us lifelong smokers who enjoy the old fashioned way of smoking.

When I did speak to Imperial, their representative banged on about how they were trying to get a smoking shelter. Wow! (not) and they were watching the Philip Morris I deserve to be heard campaign but seem to be doing nothing more than that. Whatever the tobacco companies are doing for us to stop this hateful persecution, they doing it through Forest. I won't criticise Forest because it is our only friend and our only hope. However Government doesn't listen to Forest anymore - because it hates smokers and will purge us from society by any means and it looks like Big T will help them.

I believe our only hope of getting Govt to sit up and take notice is to shift our support to UKIP. Sadly, too many who say they care about this issue and it really does matter prefer to vote Tory for fear of getting Labour back. I think they deserve all they get but we don't.

I have been really busy as the local election gets nearer but as I'm relatively skint, election leaflets and time to deliver them is something I don't have. We have a local paper here that tends not to give us coverage but I am confident that UKIP is winning broader support even though the academics still don't get what UKIP is about and are just looking for a new political "villain" with the demise of the BNP.

Even arrogant Labour is beginning to see UKIP as a threat. What did they expect when they turned their back on their core support and ignored them thinking we would have no where else to go?

I've found somewhere and so have many others. I'm still beating back "UKIP is racist" allegations from far left socialists but then I've come to the conclusion that they are just a different set of bigots who brand anyone that doesn't agree with them.