Saturday, April 9, 2011


The I Deserve to be Heard campaign by Philip Morris in Australia has attracted support from thousands of smokers.

If my arm wasn't giving me trouble again I'd have a lot more to say about this. I can't write much because it hurts so I'll try not to tax it too much for while.

Meanwhile I'll leave you with a couple of quotes from smokers who say how awful they're being treated in Aus and with the thought that I'll be talking to a tobacco company on Monday about what exactly they are doing to support their consumers in the UK.

Jason, QLD
"Royal Brisbane Hospital…Myself and another father were attacked and abused by the security staff there for being 3 feet inside the hospital grounds. All complaints were heard by the management and they brushed us off because we were smokers. WE ARE NOT CRIMINALS. I served the Military, Queensland fire service and do a lot of community work in our local area and to be treated like an animal after everything I have given this country is appalling."

Justin, NSW
"Waiting for a train in the city one day and decided that I had my coffee so I wanted a smoke. I walked almost 200m to the end of the platform, just to be polite to those around me that weren’t smoking. There was no cover, it was cold and windy, and I was at least 30m away from the nearest person. No sooner had I lit my cigarette than a platform attendant guy came cruising over to me and promptly stated ‘There is no smoking on the platform, sir, you’re going to have to leave or I will contact the authorities.’ Needless to say, I was dumbfounded…absolutely gob-smacked. I had gone out of my way (out of courtesy) not to bother any of the other people on the platform, braved the cold and the wind, only to be told (basically) that the only open area where no one would be harmed was an inappropriate place to smoke. Where is the logic? Where is the justice?"