Friday, April 15, 2011


Apologies to those of you have been revisiting all week to find an update on my planned chat with a tobacco company representative and found nothing but silence.

The representative was going to write a post for this blog about several things that are being done by the industry to help the consumer but was then told to hold back because of certain things that are happening. Letting the cat out of the bag could well prove to be counter productive and I wouldn't want to be responsible for that.

I am assured, however, that as soon as something can be said, it will be said. The chat in general perked me up a bit and I felt a bit more positive that the latest assault on smokers - the tobacco display ban and plain packaging - can be fought and won.

The other reason for the lack of blogging has been my painful arm and needing it for use during a very busy working time which has meant resting it in my own time. I did ring my GP and was offered an appointment I couldn't take because of work. I asked for today when I'm free but was then told the computer didn't go that far ahead in the diary but if I rang today then the doctor would asses if I needed an appointment or not.

I hadn't even told the receptionist was what was wrong with me. I was flabbergasted and an involuntary mock snigger was given in response. I just said I'd get in touch another day. My cynical level then shot up about 100 notches of disbelief.

Dontcha just love the NHS that, here at least, has got to the point that they don't think we're even bright enough to know when we are ill or that we do actually need to see our doctor.

I hear our local A&E pretty much throws you out unless you're on the brink of immediate death these days but there is a walk in centre in town. I'll have to check if I can go because I live out of town and then just grin and bear the four hours or so waiting time to be seen.

That will have to wait until I'm free again which won't be anytime soon. I am covering full time at a local paper for, hopefully, not much more than another month. I can't take time off because if the cover is off then where does that leave the paper that needs the cover, and where would it leave a freelance like me that has no employee rights to be off sick?

In addition, our local election campaign for UKIP has been launched and as official press secretary, it has taken up a lot of my time which would normally be spent here and there is so much more to do yet.

Please do keep visiting the blog because at some point there will be a post from the tobacco company representative - don't expect the earth because this fight now is little bit by little bit but every move we make is going the right way - and there will be times when painful arm or not, a good old rant cannot be suppressed.

If anyone wants to post articles, links, news, or any other item of interest on this blog during my intermittent absences, then let me know.