Monday, April 25, 2011


While Pfizer encourages relatives, friends, and colleagues of smokers to bully them into quitting for their own good it doesn't shout so loudly about how its product Champix can kill those they care about

Despite this danger, and world wide awareness of it, the Australian government paid for 368,924 prescriptions in January and maybe doesn't mind how many people of that number it has sentenced to death in the long term aim to rid the country of smoking and smokers by any means.

This is the same Govt which intends to criminalise smokers in their own homes and is going all out to make their lives miserable as it hurtles towards the final solution.

Hounding them out of society, marginalising them, making people fear and hate them, is all for their own good and that of others, based on the Govt's pompous, naive, misled and ill-informed desire to believe what it has been force fed by self interest charities in coalition with their funders in Big Pharma companies.

The latest authoritative study confirms all previous studies that show PASSIVE SMOKE KILLS NO ONE and is no more than an irritant to overly sensitive people and certainly not to neighbours in apartment blocks who are frankly lying if they say it is.

The scientists say :

“Among never smokers in our population, we observed no association between either exposure to ETS at home or at the workplace and lung cancer risk (Table 2). In general, the effect estimates for ETS exposure were similar between the total population and only among never smokers.”

The only truth about smoking is that The Lie hurts smokers and those around them when the health truth is not that clear cut. Govts should not be taking sides on the issue because it is backing prejudice and tyranny with unreasonable and unnecessary smoking bans and restrictions tailored to punish a minority who don't want to quit enjoying a legal product.

Some smokers die young but most live to old age and some even to ripe old age as centenarians. Big Pharma and self interest anti-smoker charities say smokers are weaklings who can barely breathe never mind run and yet the real life anecdotal evidence always seem to prove something different.

Luckily the smoker runner linked above hasn't had any bad side effects from Champix but I know - as someone who likes to run but not in a competitive sense - that I'd much prefer to smoke a natural product moderately than take a man-made chemical alternative which has a shady reputation.

Quitting is better done without any Pharma quit aid. It will make smokers, their relatives, friends and colleagues believe that smokers are addicts and that products are the cure because Big P wants money and lots of profit. If it was true that tobacco is addictive, and passive smoking is harmful, then everyone would be smokers today and not less than in any other age.

All smokers need is to want to stop smoking and the rest is easy An age-old truth that still stands up to scrutiny.