Friday, April 29, 2011


NuConservatism may be responsible for the new brand of bullying that the Govt is proposing for smokers but none of it is based on fact rather misinformation, propaganda and prejudice by a Govt that chooses to hate.

We know that the passive smoking fraud is fake and hyped up to achieve the ideological aim of a smoke free world and that third hand smoke is currently being invented to push further that fascist cause that has no basis in science but hatred of people who do something that others dislike or disapprove of.

Even alleged "respectable" and "caring" (ahem) "professional" organisations like Action on Smoking and Health have jumped aboard the third hand smoke bandwaggon in a bid to terrify ordinary people into thinking their neighbour's house is more harmful than the fall out from a nuclear explosion

And our Govt is happily taking these ideologically inspired frauds onboard with its plan to further isolate, denormalise and socially exclude smokers without bothering to listen to what we have to say about it in response or how it will affect our lives.

The report says :

"The evidence is clear that smokefree legislation has had beneficial effects on health. We also know that levels of compliance and public support for the law are high. The government believes that the aims of the legislation continue to be effectively achieved."

But what it omits is that the miracle drop post ban heart attack study was manipulated to order and has since been found to be false and dismissed as junk science by proper epidemiologists who are fed up at their work being misrepresented and manipulated by those who know nothing about correlation and causation.

Coun Carl Mimms is a humanist but no scientist and if he can get it, I fail to see how the Govt can't.

Carl, quoting his former science teacher, said :

"I can correlate the number of storks flying over Sweden to the number of births. That does not mean they caused the births."

So with no basis in science to further persecute life long smokers who choose not to quit, while boasting about a smoke free law that everyone loves and complies with, the Govt fails to mention it has only been achieved by threat, force, bankupting and jailing those "unbelievers" who questioned their democratic right to choose to exercise their own personal property rights.

Since the Govt effectively nationalised our pubs, cafes, bars, restuarants, it is no wonder that it now feels confident enough to go further and dictate to all of us what we can and can't do in our own homes:

"We will encourage local areas to create networks of local smokefree ambassadors at a community level to encourage people to make their homes and family cars smokefree. We will support local efforts to raise awareness and use behavioural change insights, for example around building positive social norms and through positively recognising people who protect their families and other people from secondhand smoke in their homes and family cars.

To support local efforts, we will work with national media to raise awareness of the risks in exposing children to secondhand smoke. The department of Health’s new marketing strategy for tobacco control will set out further details of how we will support efforts by local areas to encourage smokefree homes and family cars."

We all know what the word "support" means in this context. It means measures will be introduced to "enforce" this ideological aim by using an army of busybodies only too willing to door knock and harras smokers at home - especially if they get paid to do it.

Enforcement will not be immediate. They've started on the propaganda already. In five years time when Lansley forces us down to 18.5% of the population, it will be done by a drip feed effect of making ordinary people equate sexually abusing or beating a child with smoking within a mile of their presence which means neighbours will consider it their public duty to report smoking neighbours as smokers become more dehumanised and separated from the rest of society.

Hitler said something about how no woman would take the risk of her child’s life for freedom for someone else, and it makes me depressed that today's younger people, far removed from those times, are falling into the same kind of ideological propaganda trap which is using their children to get them on side.

One wonders how they'll feel when the Govt starts taxing chocolate and putting it in a plain pack covered with gross images of diseased, obese hearts, or the wine 'o clocks who will panic at every knock on the door when the time comes to equate parents who like an alcoholic drink to Joseph Fritzl.

Both of the above are a domino fall away now that the first on smoking and free choice has been pushed well and truly over.