Sunday, April 3, 2011


I really feel for our Australian smoking cousins as the country proudly boasts about how tyrannical it has become.

When people are prevented from living peacefully and contentedly in their own homes then it matters not how it's dressed up or spun, it is oppression of the very worst kind and when lawyers become involved, then it is simply the weight of wealth and industry against the weakest members of society.

There is no scientific evidence at all to support this kind of Australian bigotry which has occurred because of a phobic fear encouraged by the billion pound anti-smoker industry which pushes hatred, prejudice and discrimination. If this home ban is "making history" then it indicates a future that we should all fear whether smoker or non-smoker.

If we are not free to live our lives how we wish in our own homes when IT DOES NOT HARM ANYONE ELSE, then I, for one, would have no wish to live at all. As a lifelong smoker, if I lived in Australia with no means of emigrating from that county, then I would kill myself. I will not live in the land of oppression. I will not. If it happens here, I would rather go to prison where people are far more free than those smokers who live law abiding lives.

At least, finally, smokers are getting some support and not before time. It's just a shame that tobacco companies who got them into this mess have taken so long to stand up for them.

Such is the bigotry of the Australian establishment that only fellow tyrants like Hitler, Stalin or Mussolini would think it an outrage that someone was standing up for the oppressed.

Australia should hang it's head in shame for advocating the slavery of a nation and backing tyranny of the worst kind. It used to be a country I admired. I have family there. Now it's about as welcoming to smokers as Nazi Germany was to Jews and others it deemed undesirable and a danger to others based on nothing more than prejudicial hatred.