Thursday, October 13, 2011


A council in Blackpool has shown it's Smokerphobic colours by publically stating that it's discriminatory and unnecessary outdoor smoking ban is not imposed on grounds of health but hatred of a minority lifestyle group and a desire to force smokers to quit.

The sign in which they poke fun at smokers is offensive and smacks of group bully action. It isn't even legal and has no weight in law as a recent move to sneak through an amendment to the Health Act 2006 shows

The dickheads in Blackpool who put up such a huge and intimidating sign admit they can do no more than hope smokers will not smoke. They can't make outdoor bans legally but they know that the weak and vulnerable are easy to push around so they do it because they can. They are even forcing private property owners to give over more outdoor space at cafes, restaurants and pubs to those who hate smokers.

Note how the prick from the council says it's not about health but forcing smokers not to be smokers anymore without giving any consideration to whether the one in five smokers in the town want it or not. Nor does the council ask its libertarian non and never smoking population whether this is a civil liberty taking step too far.

"The Solaris Centre is an environmental centre and the grounds are very closely connected to the buildings. Staff are unable to smoke in the area and we *ask* visitors to the building and park to do the same.

“The signs are there to encourage people to think about their behaviour and help to create a smoke free environment.”

I would urge the council to think very seriously about it's own behaviour and how destructive their bigotry is to the sound and fair principles of choice, democracy, tolerance and social cohesion. If anyone fancies a day out in Blackpool to hammer home the message to the council that smokers will not be bullied, singled out and punished in this way, then please let me know.

Meanwhile, I'll be contacting Hamish Howitt, the one reasonable voice in Blackpool's sea of bigots, to see how and when this can be done. We must show these people that they can no longer push us around. Some of us are here to stay no matter what they do and they must make space for us.

They cannot tell us after centuries of smoking, after a lifetime, and generations of family smoking, that we are suddenly - within just five short years - "socially unacceptable". By what right do these truly awful fresh-air fascists think they can decide this? There are no proven grounds at all - ever - that smoking outdoors harms anyone.

This policy is simply based on hate and prejudice. Blackpool has revealed itself to be the most intolerant, regresive, fascist council in England. Perhaps Coun Paul Bartlett who was humilated in Stony Stratford should move there. His own voters thought his idea of an outdoor ban was the most outrageous ever and it led to a no confidence vote in him.

UPDATE Anon in the comments brought my attention to one of my lost blog images by a nutter called WG Voliva who believed the earth was flat, that he would live to be over 100 due to his diet of nuts and water but he died of cancer in his 70s.

Yes, such bans have always been based on hate and not health and imposed by bigots and nutters.

UPDATE 17th October 2011.

Smokers who make a stand can make a difference. The council has now decided it will not enforce this ban which is against the law.

I like the idea in the comments below to stick swastikas on these offensive signs until officials everywhere get the point that "No Smoking" is sufficient - except in areas, such as outside, where putting them up breaks the law.