Saturday, October 15, 2011


These people not only steal money from smokers to create their programs to encourage smokerphobia - but they don't even work for the money they cream off

And it is such theft and misuse of my tax payer funds here in the UK - which goes to fund smoker denormalisation, stigmatisation, exclusion, and marginalisation via the fake charity ASH - that I am today going on my latest trip abroad to give my tax to a country that treats smokers better than they do here.

And as part of The Resistance, I will be meeting up with lots of other smokers and tolerant non-smokers on a boat trip to Bruges because denying the UK Govt of my tax is the only complaint I can register and the only thing I can do.

I know that the UK Govt has set the border agency dogs onto law abiding EU cross border shoppers from Britain and ordered them to be harassed if they buy more tobacco than the Govt thinks they should smoke - even though they are breaking EU Law - you know, the bits we can't pick and chose - in setting ridiculously low guidelines.

I had asked my MEP who knows me personally for a letter of reference that I could show to UKBA and prove I am a smoker buying my own own personal stash but I'll write more about that on my return.

Suffice to say I feel rather let down by my political party of choice although it's not all bad news.

For now I'd better clear off and get ready for my trip but my message to the UK Govt is this - treat us human and you might just get back your lost £2 billion in taxes that we are purposefuly giving to other more tolerant and less fascist European nations until you end the hate campaign against us.