Sunday, October 2, 2011


Normal service will resume soon. The weather is still just too damn good to miss by staying indoors but it's likely to change from tomorrow. And I have my grand daughter No 1 over to stay which mean's I'll be run off my feet until she goes home.

It's a good job her mother is not paranoid about smoking around her. We all must have inhaled about 320,000 cigarettes last night as we sat around a BBQ and then burned some dead wood and small logs on the fire after the food was finished.

Meanwhile, I thought an update on the ads might be useful but as you can see they have gone completely and the blog is no longer pimped. I said at the time that I'd give this Adsense thing a go to see if I could make the blog pay for the time I invest in it and at a time when I had no work. The pittance it resulted in was not worth the offence caused by the adverts that Google word associated and placed on here without thought.

Sadly, the ads are not the only thing to vanish. So have all the images posted since this blog began in July 2009. I think I inadvertently deleted them when I joined Google+. I noticed that all photos used on Tea and Cigarettes had automatically uploaded to the social networking site after I joined.

I didn't want them there so I deleted them. Shame on Google for not even warning that deleting the album would lead to obliteration of the images on the blog.

I think it would take for as long as this blog has been in existence to put therm all back so that isn't an option. Better to just start again.