Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Oh dear, I use to love broccoli but it looks like it'll be off the menu for my family in future thanks to scientists corrupting a healthy vegetable in the name of good health.

A heart disease and cancer-fighting "superbroccoli" developed by British scientists has gone on sale in the UK.

They say that they haven't messed about with the genetics of the plant :

Beneforte - a hybrid of British broccoli and a wild growing Sicilian variety - is available in Marks & Spencer stores now and will appear on other supermarket shelves next year.

British scientists used conventional breeding techniques to develop the new broccoli, rather than genetic engineering.

But I don't believe them neither do I trust any scientists any more since so many of them have set aside ethics and humanity to feather their own nests in the anti-smoker cause.

I also think that if this wild broccoli is so damn beneficial on its own, then why pervert it by mixing it with the more traditional kind?

I just wish they would leave our food alone and stop denormalising the normal and turning us into a nation of weirdos.

And if Cameron thinks he is doing us all a favour by slapping a fat tax on sinful food, then perhaps he should think about us skinnies. I can't put weight on so why should I be punished because someone else can?

All that will happen if he prices people out of food is that we will get skinnier and skinnier and the fact is, the undisputable fact is, that people who can't afford to eat will die of starvation. The myth of the "obesity epidemic" is just that. An over-hyped new industry designed to make scientists and their do-gooding, mealy mouthed, puritanical supporters, fat. They could well be the only ones able to afford to eat in future.

They make me sick - and that doesn't do us skinnies any good either!

UPDATE : 6/10/11

I think this poster that I spotted over at Leg-Iron's place pretty much sums it up. Vote Tory and starve!

And I'm guessing the mealy-mouthed miserable Tories will have to do something about this enemy of the state I mean, how dare Gregg's the High Street bakers push products that kill? One sniff of a giant doughnut is all it takes. Give it time and I am sure some junk science will "prove" that in line with Govt paid for demands. That's how it's done isn't it?