Thursday, October 20, 2011


MUCH has been SAID about THAT EU DEBATE which has now been moved forward to Monday.

I take my UKIP stuff over here these days but I think it's in everyone's interest to push for this YES to a referendum vote.

The issue needs airing and the air clearing. The resentment lies in never being asked about such a huge change to our constitution and it's been a festering sore for too long. What harm can it do to ask us what kind of future we want - especially at a time when politicians are showing us just how untrustworthy, manipulative, and controlling they are.

I want a free Britain that is able to trade freely with Nation state citizens who can move freely around friendly neighbourhood European countries and who will all stand together if trouble rears it head. I don't believe we need the unelected self interest EU leaders or quangos to achieve that.

The EU is cloning us all, dictating to us all, denormalising "normal" and making a once free western Europe believe that the once oppressed eastern Europe way of politics is best suited to all.

I am not afraid. I want change. What we have at present is awful. Anything must be better.