Saturday, October 8, 2011


Frank Davis's scrape with a smokerphobic has led to a debate in his comments on how the propaganda has perverted figures to steer people away from tobacco and those who choose to consume it.

Frank wonders if all vapers are like the bigot he bumped into but most of those I have met have bigger minds and can see the bigger picture. They defend our right to enjoy the natural product because once we're gone, they know they'll be next on the hit- list.

They also challenge the junk science on smoking because they know that soon the scientific cannons will be pointed at them. Some like Mr Bigot will never get it and that's the tragedy. All those of different lifestyles should stand together or they will pick us off one by one in this public health social engineering project.

They don't want smoking in future of any kind, and they don't want any evidence that it existed in the past. Eradication of all forms of smoking - shisha, cigarette, pipe, e-cig, cigar - is the ultimate aim. Useful idiots like Mr Bigot will help get them there faster.

The reason I don't believe this plucked from the air figure of several hundred thousands of deaths from smoking is because I haven't seen such deaths among my own generation of smokers. That's not to say that I don't believe active smoking can be harmful but I get more sceptic about the alleged "harm" it causes as each new day brings something new that smoking causes including dandruff. The health message gets more and more ridiculous and bizarre.

Meanwhile they don't explain why smokers I know from my generation are not dead? Even doctors say they don't understand why only 15% of smokers die of lung disease while others can live to a long life.

How many friends from my generation have died over the last few decades have been on my mind a lot lately after another died in a motorbike accident last week. He isn't the first in our circle lost through either a bike or a car accident.

I didn't know him well but a sudden death does rather focus your mind on how many people you have lost in your own life. There are those friends who committed suicide - one because he had a gambling problem he couldn't control and it was destroying his life, and another because the tax man was about to break him - and one friend died before he was 30 from leukaemia, another fell off a mountain while walking, another from a horse.

Within the last decade I've heard of too many who have fallen to heroin and died from overdoses. We had a bad heroin epidemic here in the late 90s and early 00s. Just imagine what they could have done to socially engineer people away from heroin rather than spending cash playing down its dangers by equating it with smoking.

Too many smokers from my generation have died before their time but none of them from cancer, a smoking related respiratory illness, or a heart problem. Sadly they have succumbed to living with all of its risk factors.