Thursday, December 15, 2011


ASH is at it again in ensuring huge social divisions, violence and trouble become mainstream in their desire to eradicate tobacco and criminalise its consumers.

They have come up with a plan to encourage hatred of law abiding residents who smoke. No doubt the idea is make smokers eventually homeless.

This is not about health nor is it about consideration. It is about creating a climate where law abiding smokers can be bullied by smokerphobic intolerant neighbours.

ASH can only achieve its dream of destroying the tobacco industry by attacking its customers and creating such social divisions - as if they haven't done enough damage to the social fabric of this country already.

Most smokers are so browbeaten, they will probably take the bullying and do as they are told in their own homes by neighbours who have no right to dictate how they live.

But others will no doubt give interferring neighbours a punch on the nose which is just what ASH wants and why it has decided to cause trouble in communitites that until now have happily lived side by side.

ASH is disgusting. The Govt might as well fund the BNP to make immigration policy. The outcome will be the same.

The Govt should hang it's head in shame at supporting a move aimed at dividing communities.

And if you think this won't affect you because you don't smoke, then just wait until your neighbour has the right to force their way into your home, to check your fridge, and ensure that you are eating properly and feeding your kids in line with Govt or fake charity diktat.

It's already started and at the rate these things move, give it less than five years after smoking is banned in people's own private homes and it will be a reality.

If you're sure you don't want that then do nothing to help smokers now and you will surely get it.