Saturday, December 10, 2011



I'm about to have a go at an anonymous Smokerphobic who I won't allow to comment in response on this blog because he is banned due to the personal nature of his abuse. (If "he" is a male, incidentally, because "he's" too much of a coward to use "his" real name.)

The fat twerp (judging from his own personal description of himself) -
"... I'm using an iPod touch to post and my big fat fingers ..." who calls himself Dickie Doubleday is offensive, ill informed, and he appears to have a mission to infiltrate Simon Clark's blog to attack me mostly and others just because he can.

He never bases his arguments on "facts" and simply throws the usual insults about how smokers breathe into baby's prams, how they stink, are killing others, and his so called knowledge is based on one thing - hatred of the consumers of a product he despises.

Crikey - he even bases his knowledge on smoking like that of kids being scared of the dark. Very scientific (not). It's just pure phobic nonsense and he deludes himself that most "normal" (his words) people think the same as he does.

But when I put that theory to the test recently, I founjd that most normal people are like us. Yes, it's definitely Dickie Doubleday who is the weirdo and I guess Simon Clark allows his comments so he can continue making a Dickhead of himself for all to see.

Simon did delete a couple of his comments a few weeks ago as "sick" and "foul" and if they were anything like one he left here, they were foul and personally abusive and aimed at me.

The anti-smoker industry, which Double Dickhead so obviously supports despite his laughable protestations that he supports smokers rights and choice *snigger*, has really shown its true colours of late and one can only hope that it's social engineers have been given enough rope to hang themselves.

Certainly they are now demonstrating that this issue for them is not about health but encouraging the general public to hate and fear smokers as much as they do based on manipulated stats and made up evidence which they even argue about among themselves because it's so dodgy.

Meanwhile the tobacco control template moves forward in the vilest way to other lifestyles and I for one can't wait until I get the go ahead from the state to publically bully fat twerps like Double Dickhead. I hope the day comes when I have the authority to check his lunchbox to ensure that he can't eat himself over the state approved weight limit because the very sight of him could offend innocent children and encourage them to be fat bastards too.

DD thinks it's perfectly acceptable now to dismiss "evidence" on smoking and health as something that no longer matters because the bullies have the majority on their side (which isn't actually true incidentally.)

We from the older generation know it does matter - a lot - because for 40 years they tried to ban smoking in public for one reason and one reason alone - the only reason they could get such a ban - health based on evidence. That's why the "evidence" had to be invented.

The only anti-smoker I respected was Rollo Tomassi because he debated stats, evidence as he believes it, and in a rational, non confrontational, way but my illusions have this week been shattered.

It seems Rollo is just another smokerphobic anti who hides behind anonymity having taken the name of a fictional character in LA Confidential.

These people are truly cowards and just can't be taken seriously because they are too damn scared to come out. If they can't be honest about who they are, why on earth should we be persuaded by a single thing they say or anyone else that is interested in this debate.

I hate putting on comment moderation but sadly for this post it is going to be necessary because Double Dickhead is not welcome and I won't allow a single comment of his/hers to get through.

If he had anything of value to add to the debate rather than just random insults and wind-up tactics then I'd think differently. He deserves no voice here.