Friday, December 16, 2011


There will be silence on this blog today in respect and honour of writer Christopher Hitchens who has died today aged 62

His brother Peter hates us because smoking did it but we all make our choice - as Christopher did - and it is OUR choice to make - as Christopher wrote with dignity when diagnosed with cancer.

I am very sorry to hear this news and my thoughts are with those who loved him and will be left with an emptiness in their lives now that he has gone.

Maybe they can take comfort that he is now immortal. Good writers leave that legacy behind even hundreds of years after their death.

I take comfort from these words he gave us :

“Take the risk of thinking for yourself, much more happiness, truth, beauty, and wisdom will come to you that way.”

Christopher Hitchens 1949 - 2011

UPDATE : Velvet Glove Iron Fist reminds us he felt the same about the nanny state and enforced snitching as we do.