Saturday, December 3, 2011


Questions are being asked about why never smokers get lung cancer and what actually causes it when the blame can't be laid uniquely at tobacco consumption since the number of people smoking is lower than its ever been.

Those hidden never smoker victims who have been stigmatised with "smoker's disease" are now being noticed as demands are made to treat people with lung cancer as equally as those with other types of cancer - whether they have ever smoked or not.

The tragedy is that while the anti-smoker industry hypes up fears against smokers it's supporters are hindering progress in medical science and wasting much needed resources which could be better used.

Their political and ideological aim of tobacco eradication and a smoke free world is bad for everyone - smokers, non-smokers and never smokers alike - because until some real perspective and hard evidential biological fact is brought to bear on the smoking and health issue, we can never go forward in finding out who is likely to be affected by lung cancer and why.