Saturday, December 10, 2011


Smokers have been pushed to the to the edge of reason and beyond but with the threat of criminalisation looming the line has been drawn and they will go no further.

Leg Iron has written a powerful piece showing how we are are not prepared to play the game any more. Stuff tobacco control, stuff the anti-smoker's false "caring", stuff the lies about smoking and health, the false studies, the emotional blackmail, and stuff the state-paid bureaucratic idiots who think they can force us to quit by controlling our supply.

Many of us have taken to growing our own tax-free, chemical-free, home grown tobacco and we intend to spread the love and share the seed. I live in the countryside and have plenty of places where I can begin a new tobacco crop for anyone who wants to go and pick it. If I throw the seeds next spring, then I imagine there will be a strong colony of plants within a couple of years all around where I live. We have three commons close to town for those that live in the city.

And as Rose says in the comments on LI's post, if they stop us doing that then we'll just find something else to smoke because, in the true spirit of The Resistance, we will never surrender.

Our tax is being withheld because of a lack of political representation in more ways than just growing our own product. We are buying our personal stock in EU countries and the Govt's tax yield from us will get smaller and smaller as more people hear about and join The Resistance until it eventually disappears.

Companies and businesses that actively seek to exclude us will lose our trade. We will, for example, work towards bankrupting those ferry companies that fail to recognise their core customer base while treating their paying passengers worse than farmyard pigs.

We will not support fake cancer charities that plunder donations on anti-smoker propaganda for a share of the Govt's funding pot rather than research on how to cure cancer. We won't stay in hotels on holiday or visit bars and pubs that don't adequately cater for our needs.

We demand to be treated with the same respect and consideration as any other person in this country. We will not obey any new laws made to restrict us further including car bans. A car is our private property, our private space, our choice whether we smoke or not inside it, our friends, our families, our personal community, our lives to control.

It is the same with our homes and we will not let the anti-smoker industry bully us via the scaremongering fear they pump out in TV propaganda ads night after night. The current "please stop for Xmas" exploitation of young children being forced by Big Tobacco Control to read words they can barely pronounce from auto-cues is disgusting and immoral.

Our Resistance is growing and getting stronger as anger bubbles into organisation and focus with each offensive new piece of propaganda. This only inspires zealots to think they have the right to dictate our lives and bully us because we don't agree with them or pander to their paranoia. It is shameful and wasteful.

The waste of public money on anti-smoker propaganda is taking food out of the mouths of other more vital public services in these austere times that the Uk can ill-afford. It's a shame our politicians haven't got the sense or courage of their Dutch colleagues who recently did the decent thing and stopped throwing tax-payers cash down a black ideological hole.

Smokers have said enough's enough and action is now backing those words. One day The Resistance will bring this nonsense to an end.