Saturday, December 17, 2011


Please be aware that Someone is impersonating me on other blogs and writing comments that are not mine.

It is all part of his/her harassment of me for not writing posts that he or she approves.

He is also pretending to be others - like Smoking Hot, Zaphod, and Prop as well as Frank Davis and regular contributors on Simon Clark's blog"

The dickhead is also making criminal offers to sell tobacco in the name of respected bloggers who are part of The (law abiding) Resistance.

Dangerous times folks caused by an unstable psychopath.

I did report the personal harassment against me to the police today who have taken it seriously and will be taking it further. Should any blogger get a comment allegedly from me, please screen shot or keep a copy of it, as this may be useful as further evidence, but please delete because some of those in my name that I have seen are foul.