Thursday, February 10, 2011


Anti-smoker prejudice is littered in the comments section of this article in the Daily Mail about women, apparently, smoking to lose weight.

The rise in obesity with the decline in smoking rates is probably worthy of debate but it's degenerated into open season on smokers. Prejudicial antis who haven't got a clue and make ridiculous statements like only smoking causes lung cancer can only add "stupid, inconsiderate, smelly, selfish, pathetic addict ..." into the mix.

It gets so tiresome and I can't be bothered to respond these days. It's like trying to teach algebra to toddlers. Smokers who do know what they are talking about certainly come out as the more rational side of the argument.

Another anti thinks we should all go out jogging everyday, like her no doubt, and she feels justified in her suggestion that smokers are "ugly."

I haven't read them all but I did flag up one comment for abuse - the first I saw. There is more verbal thuggery in there and perhaps some contenders for Dick Puddlecote's anti-smoker psycho page. I could have picked my way through the 42 comments but for being busy today and to absorb such hate gets quite exhausting and upsetting after a while.