Friday, February 4, 2011


I interviewed Dennis Locorriere today and I must say it was a pleasure.

I used to love Dr Hook and I was really interested to know what the former frontman is doing now. It's great to know he's still making music, writing poems and songs and generally doing what he enjoys on his own.

The interview went well because he's a great and interesting talker with much to say. I'd wanted to ask him about his teenage mum who had him when she was 19. As a granny - after my own daughter had her first baby at 18 - I was interested to know what his childhood was like in New York and whether such negativity to young mums was shown then as it is now in the UK.

I never got to ask because there was so much else to talk about but none of it I can blog about until my paper publishes sometime before Dennis appears in Skegness on June 10.

One of his new songs can be heard at the link below and his tour dates are available on the webpage linked above. Well worth getting a ticket if you can.