Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Because unlike the LiblabCon it actually cares what the people of this country think and aims to work for them and not the other way around.

The LibLabCon Party is taking the piss and still refuses to listen to anyone who doesn't agree with the anti-smoker fraud promoted by ASH which the LibLabCon under Cameron and Clegg have installed into our DoH.

As they tear apart the NHS, they waste billions of our money feeding tobacco control's addiction to inequality which could be spent on direct patient care. Smokers have paid all their lives for it and for that of non-smokers as well. The anti-smoker industry just sucks the lifeblood from the tax payer and gives nothing but fraudulent studies in return.

Businesses which have backed the wrong horse and bought into the anti-smoker lies are really starting to feel the pain and frankly it serves them right

NuLabour got kicked out because it lost it's core support over this issue. Does the Conservative Party, in which many switched their support in hope, really want to end this term with another election that demonstrates the wrath of the electorate?

It seems it does with the installation of Andrew Lansley and Ann Milton into Health who have taken ASH into Govt when no one wants them there.

UKIP is trawling in the LiblabCon's lost votes from people like me fed up of being socially excluded and bullied. I've written here before about how they have now knocked the Limp Dumps into fourth place in many areas of the UK.

The electorate has about another four years to get even more fed up of this pandering Govt and hopefully see sense in gaining our country back. UKIP is the only party that can give us our personal freedoms back.

Certainly UKIP's membership in my area has shot up as disaffected former Liberal Democrat, Labour, and Conservative Party supporters recognise that their parties no longer exist for them but for their own self interests.