Sunday, February 20, 2011


Oh dear. It looks like the Food Police are not far away because according to the Devil's Kitchen, NuToryLimpDump health persecutor, Andrew Lansley, is now ordering us to eat what we're told.

I said ages ago - before the blanket smoking ban - that if they got away with that, then next they would be telling restaurants and cafes what they can and cannot put on their menus.

I had no idea that we already had some food classed as "illegal".

Personally, I've never fancied haggis nor blow fish, but each to his or her own.

It looks like the NuConservatives are showing themselves up to be the same as Nulabour when it comes to controlling every aspect of our lives.

I can only hope people vote more wisely next time and abandon them. One place to show them you've had enough is at the ballot box for the council elections in May - if the AV system of voting doesn't screw us up and further cement the British Dictatorship.

I'm not sure about that. I need to do a lot more research before I make my mind up about whether I'm yes or a no. My instinct urges me to say no because AV is neither here nor there.

If the Limp Dumps were serious about electoral reform they should have pushed for PR as they always have done until getting to power. I'm suspicious of their motives so I'm rather persuaded by the "better the devil you know that the devil you don't" stance.

Anyways, Bon Apetite, I'm off to enjoy my Sunday lunch full of all kinds of stuff that would give Lansley's Bully Nudge a heart attack - while I still can of course.

I know that one day I'll have to get used to Tofu and water. That's all that will be allowed to consume if this constant assault on our own personal freedom of choice does not end soon.