Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Dick Puddlecote is on fine form today with this incisive piece on parents who are happy to give control of their children over to the state.

Ages ago I had a major debate about about smoking when pregnant with a bunch of young parents, many of whom considered it child abuse.

I recall during that debate asking one young mum whether she wanted her family as her child's main influence or the state. I was astounded when she said bringing up a child was both the state's and the parent's responsibility.

I'd say to all NuParents that the state does not own your children nor should it have any influence over them at all. You tell the state what you want for your child - you don't ask for guidelines on how they think you should bring it up.

If you are not prepared or confident enough to bring up a decent citizen on your own, the frankly you have no business having kids at all. The state has greater issues to deal with parenting other people's children.