Sunday, February 27, 2011


It looks like the lost core support from the LiblabCon is starting to make itself felt in the Barnsley By-election. Political pundits say UKIP candidate Jane Collins could take second place behind Labour when the votes are in - especially as the Party is planning a final push after a favourable survey showed them in third place.

I'm told weighted data excluding don't knows shows the miner's daughter neck-and-neck with the Conservative on 11%. That matches what is coming up from the ground. Whenever UKIP knocks doors and talk to people they gain votes and support in droves.

Disgruntled angry voters ignored by the LibLabCon are finding UKIP an alternative in place of their traditional support. They're shunning the bigoted BNP because they know that socially backward party can't affect the change they so desperately want.

The voter can see that UKIP has common sense policies and it puts the UK's interests first. The best alternative these people had before to the main two party alliance was the Lib Dems. It now looks likely to get pushed into fourth place.

Barnsley can make the political revolution happen. More canvassers are needed for the final push to get UKIP high in the polls and show the LibLabCon that that we've had it with their lies, false promises and downright incompetence.

If you can get there and help go to the UKIP Shop at 6 Regent Street South, Barnsley S70 2HT and make yourself known.

I'll be in Scarborough on Friday and Saturday for the UKIP Spring Conference and I'll be updating my blog from there during the two days. I'm sure there will be loads of news to report and plenty to celebrate as well.