Friday, February 25, 2011


It looks like poor old Carl Minns is getting it in the neck from left leaning political supporters who appear happy to slag him off for not doing something about a fellow councillor who said a nasty word that hurt.

I don't know who these sanctimonious posters are on his blog, and I don't know much about Hull but I was shocked when I saw those aggressive protesters on regional TV last night.

They acted like a bunch of screaming banshees if you watch the video linked here and a thought occurred to me.

Lefty supporters are happy to see NuLabour when in power crush any kind of dissent or disagreement with oppressive and restrictive laws, but as soon as they get a Tory led Govt in power, riots begin to break out everywhere as they fit and sulk - organised by NuLabour activists no doubt.

We saw it with students and now we're seeing it with council workers. Times are hard for all of us and for some of us the NuLabour years have been the hardest ever. NuLabour caused it although I'm sure the NuToryLimpDumps are making things worse. The banal support of the NuLabour financial backing of ASH and other fake smokefree charities is stealing the food out of these protester's mouths.

What would these people prefer? Cash that could save their jobs being chucked at the fake smoke free "charities" in a world that is now smoke free? Or the cash going to fund some of those "vulnerable" people they say will lose out because of forced Tory led cuts on councils across the country?

And as the obvious stares left wing supporters in the face, all they can do in response to the mess of their own making is to start shouting how "offended" they are by the use of a nasty word.

Lord. Give me strength. Carl, don't let 'em get you down.