Saturday, February 12, 2011


So Barak Obama has given into his wife's henpecking and decided to quit smoking. I don't know about anyone else but I think the world is in danger from a man who has shown himself to be thoroughly gutless and weak.

If he can't stand up to his own wife, and if he abandons his pleasures because of being bullied, then it begs the question who the hell is in charge of the US at present?

I'll bet Iran is tittering now it has evidence that this world leader is a pathetic coward incapable of making his own decisions. He's proved himself to be an easy target in a cissy country that's terrified of a wisp of smoke.

Americans should be very afraid. Obama can't stand up for himself so what hope that he can make the right decisions for his nation. Perhaps he has to ask his wife first if she approves.

Encouragement of bullying as a tool to beat smokers is featured here in the Independent

The sound of scolding and tut-tutting from the ranks of the concerned has become tedious. We know that smoking is bad for the health, but it is also true that people make choices in their lives involving the balance between risk and pleasure. It is not obligatory to put safety and longevity before all other considerations in daily life. These people are not lesser citizens, only different from the majority.

I agree. Lesser citizens are those too terrified to stand on their own two feet, make their own decisions, or are easily nagged into submission.

I fear for the state and safety of the world.