Thursday, February 10, 2011


I guess the anti-smokers would look at Ignacio Cubilla Banos and say he is living proof that smoking add years to your skin. I'm just as sure that they would conveniently omit that he's just celebrated his 111th birthday.

I found this piece of news on the F2C blog included in the chairman's newsletter.

F2C reports that while a tobacco company supports a real charity - the Leonard Cheshire Foundation - ASH the fake charity is throwing it's dummhy out of the pram because it can't get a ban on the display and ultimate ban on sales of tobacco. They have to get one first before they can move forward to the next stage - and there will be a next stage.

I was also intrigued to read that "smokers as arsonists" is the next part of the Denormalisation plan as Fire Safe Cigarettes are pushed forward. Odd that as it seems chip fires are at least a major cause of most fires in Hull at least but this has been overlooked.

Thanks are due to Coun Carl Minns (I love that man) who challenged the local fire brigade about this and said :

In addition, and unfortunately, the release seems to downplay the main causes of accidental fires to highlight the dangers of smoking.

Yes indeed. This one sided war against first smoking and now smokers could well teach the next generation to fear nothing but tobacco and it's consumers while dismissing all other health and safety dangers in their lives.

Frankly, balance on this issue seriously needs to be addressed for the good of everyone.

Only the other day I wrote about how the BBC infuriates me for its inability to give both sides on this issue. I said the New York outdoor ban was an example. The state propaganda organ said everybody loved it and the public would enforce it but it didn't report how it would affect people who didn't agree with it.

It's a good job that someone did (H/T JRedhead Girl)

I could write a lot about this but maybe I'll revisit it another day. It's late.