Friday, August 26, 2011


Oooh - I do love David Hockney. The image above is his latest piece of artwork designed to show the meaning of freedom.

It is called Freedom Is Choice and of course it is whatever psychobabble the fake charity ASH and its cronies spout to create fear and loathing of smokers and redefine the meaning of this important concept. Being free to chose to consume a legal product is obviously a main plank of what freedom is about. Hockney said :

"Pettiness, meanness, dreariness. That's all I see from them. Meanness of spirit is very bad for the health no matter how long you live. Can't they look into their own hearts and understand that many people in England are fed up with unthinking, bossy-boots politicians that believe us to be infants."

He could be talking about ASH here. The very organisation that would scurrilously claim that smokers kill others without being honest about the methods by which this ludicrous and slanderous claim is reached. With ventilation now so efficient it can make the air inside cleaner than outside, and a choice of venue if only we were free to chose one, all make the claim that smoking harms others defunct.


ASH Scotland tweeted news of Hockney's new work, which was retweeted by Chris Snowdon. I guess they must like it. I've just been over there to have a look if they had anymore to say about it on their website and I feel quite dirty now so I'll have to rush of and have a bath after posting this in case I catch their prejudice and stupidity in some kind of fourth hand way.

They say they work to stop children and young people smoking and yet they create panic among Scottish politicians to "do something" which creates the perfect climate for a rise in child and youth smoking.

I mean this ridiculous idea to force tobacconists to register as evil drug barons to sell cigarettes will not have one iota of effect given that the growing and lucrative black market, supported and encouraged by ASH's policies, do not have to comply with the same policy.

Way to go ASH - it looks like you're obviously on the side of Big Tobacco after all.

* I don't know how to take a screen shot so I reproduced ASH Scotland's tweet the old fashioned way - printed, scanned in and uploaded.

UPDATE : My technical expert teenage son showed me how to do it. That's two new skills I've learned today. Thanks Frank Davis for the other one.