Monday, August 8, 2011


I don't know how many smokers voted for the Third Reich in Australia but all their Govt has done is make their product much more dangerous while encouraging a rise in child smoking.

And the morally defunct Anti-smoker industry down under is welcoming this move while giving it's backing to the poisonous black market trade.

The creepy comments on this article about the inevitable shortage of tobacco caused by the Aus branch of the Nazi Party made my skin crawl but I can't put forward my own view because the comments are now closed.

David Crow, managing director of BAT's wholly owned Australian subsidiary, told a federal parliamentary inquiry the vacuum would be filled by Indonesian and Chinese makers, who would flood the market with illicit cigarettes.

Of course it will. Anti-smokers live in cloud cuckoo land and anyone with a modicum of common sense knows this to be true. Just ask the real "experts" - direct users of the product - and they will tell you that they will find other ways of buying the product partly because it's the only way they can stick two fingers up to the Govt that despises them.

And Chinese man with a bag is not going to ask children for ID. In fact, they are probably easy targets for him but then the Govt must know this. They can't really be stupid enough to fall for the lies of the anti-smoker industry can they?

The greedy head of Smokerphobia in Australia said she can't wait for the black market to take off and for the increase in child smoking to begin. After all, it means even more paid work for her and a job for life.

As for the threat of a tobacco shortage, Quit executive director Fiona Sharkie declared: ''You're not going to hear me say I'm sorry about that.''

Of course not dear.

Smokers who want to be left alone must find a way of getting their bigoted Govt out of office - or they should leave the country. Things are going to get very dangerous for them down there very soon.