Sunday, August 7, 2011


I wondered how long it would take for history to repeat itself as we are in the 100th year of social riots that broke out across the UK at a time when Govt refused to listen to the concerns of the working classes.

And it looks like the people of Tottenham are the first to kick off in the 21st century with much being said about the Govt fiddling abroad while London burns.

As it happens, I wrote a book about the riots in Lincoln in 1911 and I still have some copies left which I thought I'd offer here for the bargain price of £4 which includes P&P. A review written at the time the book was to be used as the basis of a community play (which I was excluded from taking part in because of my strong views that there should be a vote on choice of venue) appears below.

More was written about the book HERE and HERE and an account of how we got a bravery commendation for a fireman who was killed during the trouble but who was not honoured at the time can be found HERE.

Anyone who wants to buy a copy should click the Donate button, and pay the £4. It had a cover price of £5.99 when it was launched and became the number one bestseller at my local Ottakers at the time. Make sure you enter your mailing details when you pay through PayPal so I can post you a copy.

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UPDATE : It seems the family at the centre of the riots in Tottenham have condemned the violence but they accept there is a lot of public anger behind it.

As happened in Tottenham today, and in Lincoln 100 years ago, genuine grievances and genuine anger was perverted by the hooligan element.

UPDATE : It looks like it's all kicking off in Enfield too.

UPDATE - 12/08/11 - Due to problems of not being able to track payments or donations made to PayPal, I have deleted the Donate button.