Monday, August 8, 2011


Can there really be anything more morally disgusting that the power, wealth and might of a hugely wealthy, state-backed industry being brought to bear on those who are the most vulnerable in society like the mentally ill

I am always shocked to discover just how low they can sink in pushing forward their own ideology to destroy legal industry, create fear and prejudice of legal consumers of a product they despise, and picking on the weakest members of communities just because they are an easy target.

Other bloggers have already mentioned the fine piece of writing I've linked to above from a woman who is angry at the way her daughter was treated in a mental health facility that forces smokers from self medication using a natural product to addicts dependent on pharmaceutical nicotine. She said :

How dare you anti-smoking fundamentalists impose your will on mentally ill patients, unable to leave the wards like ordinary patients who may smoke outside, forcing them to give up something that has been a self medication and comfort, and undermining their recovery!

Elsewhere greedy doctors with a conflict of interest have been exposed. In the name of humanity and fairness, it is time to take this matter out of the hands of industry and ideological political lobby groups and put it into the hands of those who really are impartial and independent and neither back Big Tobacco or the smokerphobics who are spreading their own vile prejudices for money.

I hope this lady's campaign in Australia achieves some success but I am astounded at the sheer intolerance of the country she lives in towards people who choose to buy a legal product.

And the way some of Australia's citizens justify their bigotry makes one's jaw drop

Michael said...

There is no place for smoking in a hospital. You do not have a right to smoke. Smoking is a freedom granted to you by our community via laws that allow the sale of tobacco products. That freedom is curtailed where appropriate as seen in laws banning smoking in eating places and inside buildings or areas with a roof. Claiming a right to smoke dilutes the value of the real rights we have. If smoking was a right, our government would be required to provide tobacco products for free or very cheap to ensure that you could exercise that right. That is something that is nonsensical given our damaging smoking is the the smoker and the community.

I think "Michael" would risen through the ranks of Govt in Germany in the 1930s and said so in a comment I left in response. Using his logic, one must assume that every single legal product from beer and chocolate to a new kitchen is only possible with permission from the state.

There is not one avenue that the anti-smokers take that doesn't leave them looking immoral. They've even perverted advice from humanist Nelson Mandela for their own political ends in trying to persuade us that this great man, who was subject to years of abuse of his own human rights, is an anti-smoker on their side.

If Nelson Mandela told fellow prisoners not to smoke it was because cigarettes can be used as political tools and not because he feared that beaten, starved and abused fellow inmates would die from a single whiff of a fag.

Yes, it is becoming abundantly clear that the anti-smokers have absolutely no morals and they will lie, cheat, bully and intimidate anyone who does not subscribe to their views.

This really is not about health - it is about hate.