Thursday, August 4, 2011


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Job hunting was getting me down so I decided to step right away from it, take a few days out in the glorious weather we've had here of late and do something different so me and my other half got on our push bikes and looked for something to do out in the nearby countryside.

And we found a veritable treasure of a spot by the riverbank, picked cherries from trees on a public footpath and bemoaned the fact that some woods are private so we couldn't explore further.

My other half made wine and I made jam and in the spirit of good weather, we cycled some 36 miles in a few days. The best news is we can still walk as we haven't stiffened up from using muscles that were last used on how ever many nice days we had last summer which brought about the same urge for physical exercise.

Now the rain is back, it's time to get back to jobhunting. Lack of funds means I won't get to this year's UKIP conference nor will I be able to make this event in Manchester or any of the fringe events organised for the Conservative Party Conference in a bid to make the Tories listen that their persecution of people's lifestyles is ruining more than just the economy and long held British traditions.

During my latest absence from blogging, I've logged back into this virtual world occasionally to check the latest outrages and have much to say about Govts which seeks to destroy legal industry by giving a monopoly to one industry over another.

And I could also write reams on the confirmation that the EU is a dictatorship that ignores its so-called citizens in favour of Iron Curtain ideology, and my disappointment that Smoker heroes Philip Davies and David Nuttall would both want to see the reintroduction of state murder but the job hunting calls so I'll leave that for another day.

Meanwhile, I'm hoping that I will at least have enough cash to go on this trip which is one not to be missed and probably the last trip I'll be able to make until next summer - job permitting of course.