Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I see that Antony Worrall Thompson's E-Petition has finally been accepted by Govt. It is now the duty of everyone in this movement to do all they can to promote it and encourage others to sign.

Forest is making cards that can be given out to people who are not online and I am more than willing to help distribute these to smokers and their non-smoker friends both inside and outside of pubs and other hospitality establishments. I think all of us who have been making a noise online should get behind this and do our bit.

Of course there are other petitions which we should also sign and ask others to support. Links can be found at the end of this post. I've also signed this one although I do think ASH's days of leeching from the public purse are almost over. The DoH has achieved it's aim of promoting anti-smokerism to the point of smokerphobia among the general public by using ASH as a front group.

State health persecutor Anne Milton has already told me twice that no decision has been taken on whether ASH will be awarded our cash in 2011/2012. Maybe she doesn't need them anymore or recognises that now Big Pharma picks up most of ASH's tab.

I agree with Dick Puddlecote that we need to share AWT's E-petition around the web. I'll be posting links on Twitter and Facebook every day and there is a direct link to the E-petition on the left hand side of this blog.

All we are really asking for here is choice and fairness for both sides of this debate. I fail to see why such simple moral qualities are so hard to get back in our society.

Getting back some sort of perspective and common sense on the smoking issue is also why I've also signed this one calling for the price of tobacco in the UK to be made the same as the EU. I think it could be better worded but for me the only way to ensure that young people do not start smoking before they are old enough to make their own, informed choices, is to end the lucrative, unregulated, black market trade. This has become strong and dangerous because of prohibition and the unrealistic high cost of legal tobacco.