Sunday, August 7, 2011


I mentioned my skepticism in the post below that there was anything meaningful about the NuGovt's E-Petition gimmick which is more about fooling the public into thinking tyrannical Govt policy is popular rather than any real attempt to put democracy back into the hands of the electorate.

And it looks like my instinct might be right given that Camoron and his EU bought and paid for bunch of ministers have completely dismissed any concerns about our membership of the EU and it's unelected leadership that dictates and enforces Iron Curtain ideology on people who don't want to be its citizens.

For me the biggest insult is to dismiss even a debate on membership if enough signatures are gained on the E Petition scam because:

"Britain delivered a “very clear result” on the issue 36 years ago."

Errr - no we didn't Dave. We delivered a very clear result on the common market and trade - or at least our parents and grandparents did even though they pretty much regretted it straight away when they realised how ridiculous some of the demands were to be. But we have NEVER been asked about political union. We have NEVER been asked if we wanted to sign up to scams like Global Warming or bullying of those in poverty to change their lifestyles in line with the middle and upper class whims of the unelected who now rule us and have destroyed British culture and heritage as well as many other countries in Europe that simply want to be left alone to set their own policies.

I think this monstrosity that no one in Britain or the rest of Europe voted for is even killing the native language of some countries and that is criminal.

When the Westminster Parish Council of the EU can dismiss a debate on our membership when a huge majority of British subjects want it, then what hope for a minority that wants to be treated with equality on issues of lifestyle like smoking and choice? Well, I'm still waiting for a scam E-Petition on that to be accepted.

I think it's got to the stage where there is now no choice. The ONLY hope for this country, for fairness, for equality, for self respect, is to vote UKIP, stand for UKIP, show the corrupt LibLabCon that we have had enough. When the balance of power between state and citizen is restored, and the corrupt MPs in Parliament who ignore their voters realise that we actually do matter, only then will the oppression end.

UPDATE 08/08/11 : In response to this clear snub of the will of the electorate, UKIP leader Nigel Farage said:

"I think we have finally seen the Prime Minister's true colours when it comes to the EU - he's a fan and despite the weak euroscpetic posturing we have witnessed recently by parts of the Conservative Party, it is clear that Mr Cameron has no intention of letting us have our say on future EU membership.

"The argument that the 1975 referendum delivered a clear mandate for membership is incredibly poor. Firstly, that was when the British people were asked about the European Economic Community. Over the last 36 years the EEC has morphed into the EU with its tentacles now reaching far and wide. Secondly, anyone under the age of 53 was not able to vote in 1975. By refusing a referendum it shows utter contempt for a massive chunk of the population."