Friday, August 5, 2011


As you can see some adverts have appeared on the blog. As much as I'd like it to be non-commercial, I also need to try and make a living at a time when work prospects are looking grim so I thought I'd give it a try.

The link to the GoogleAdSense malarky has been sitting in my inbox for a couple of months. One of the things that put me off activating it was that I don't know how to select ads and I was sure there would be plenty of NHS/Gimme the money Stop Smoking services which I don't support.

I do support people who want to quit but I don't see why my blog should be used by the very organisation that seeks to denormalise us by creating public fear and panic of smokers who don't want to quit.

I'll keep my eye on it for a while and see how it goes and if the blog gets more NHS stop smoking ads than anything else, then I'll rethink or work out how to be a bit more selective.

However, I suppose another way of looking at it is that if I make any money from these ads, then at least I can be assured of getting back some of the contribution I make as a smoker to the £10 billion that goes into the NHS from people like me.

UPDATE 06/08/11 - I've headed straight into the heart of The Red Light District with the addition of a donation button - although I guess it's more equitable to a street artist or a musician with a cap scattered with coins in front of them on the High Street.

If you think this blog is worth at least the price of a daily newspaper feel free to click the donate button or enjoy it for free if you don't.