Thursday, November 3, 2011


Well, well, well, news today reveals just how much of a liar and cheat Nanny Anne Milton is. You may recall a few weeks ago she claimed (snigger) that she'd had two meetings with ASH over a couple of a years but she's obviously a lying hag or she wouldn't be getting ASH to make Smokerphobic policy and spout such rubbish as THIS

How, exactly, does the dreadful Debs Arnott know what children want for Christmas and nanny Milton, I can only assume, believes this rubbish either because she's stupid or she's paid to believe it.

Now, it might be that Arnott and the fraudsters at ASH have actually asked their own supporters' kids. That way they could be sure of the outcome of this laughable piece of "research". Maybe they did what they usually do and get their Big P paymasters to pay the kids to say what they wanted to hear. That's how it works in Govt isn't it?

I know I asked my five year old granddaughter what she wanted for Christmas and her parents or grandparents giving up smoking never even figured in it.

Funnily enough, she stayed over last weekend and I thought the time had come to teach her about smoking.

The message was simple, easily understood, and it should be the one that a fair, impartial, non- bigoted and non- fascist Govt should give out.

I told her that smoking is bad for you, you shouldn't do it, but you should not be nasty to those who do.

Incidentally, we don't smoke in the car when she's present because we've asked her if she minds. She does.

I don't smoke in the room she sleeps in either - even though she said to me : "Granny, you can smoke while you read me a story. I don't mind honest." But still I do not because her mother doesn't like it.

Why does my granddaughter mind if we smoke in the car but she doesn't mind if I was to smoke in her bedroom is a mystery - except, maybe, that it was granddad who asked if we could smoke in the car, and she thinks he's a grump.

Either way, ask any kid in the street what they want for Christmas and the lie told by ASH and their bought and paid for minister Milton will be easily shown as the fraud that it is.

Incidentally, I did say yesterday that I expected this sort of tripe to start to appear because the Anti-smoker industry failed to get its way in calling for the criminalisation of smokers.

It seems apparent now after almost two years of this crap Govt that the only way to redress the balance and bring back fairness and truth to this debate is to vote differently at the next election.

Only stupid smokers will vote to be turkeys at Christmas and I am sure that those who voted Tory last time to give the party the benefit of the doubt wouldn't be that idiotic again - especially as Milton has demonstrated that she doesn't work for her constituents, the smoker's vote is not wanted, and she works only for anti-smoker self interest political lobby groups.

With this latest piece of garbage press release, Milton has proved what a liar she is and how as health minister she can't be trusted to do the decent and honourable thing for the good health of the country.