Friday, November 11, 2011


Smoke & Mirrors | anti tobacco industry information

As the fascist social engineers in Aryan Australia take the final step before criminalisation of a legal product and it's law abiding consumers, I see the UK smoke and mirrors jiggery pokery fakery to promote smokers as undesirables has started here too.

Of course stealing tobacco companies' historic trade marks, to be replaced by Big Pharma supported Tobacco Control's own logo graphic images in the land of Oz, is the last in the step-by-step approach towards tobacco eradication and making smokers criminals.

The Aussie plain packaging scandal is not meant to stop young people smoking. It's aim is to target and further humiliate adult smokers into quitting and the next necessary step towards making the product illegal. It seems pretty obvious to me that they must know this ill-thought-out knee jerk reactionary legislation will increase smuggling so they must want it to further stock up anti-smoker support towards the smoker's eventual criminalisation.

Once this legislation comes into effect, fake tobacco will hit the streets, poor estates, and children's parks. Man with a cheap bag will wait outside school gates. Smugglers will get richer and more violent and smokers will be blamed for it all. The stupid Govt that fights fire with fire, will make all tobacco possession illegal. It won't be able to weed out the criminal from the law abiding smoker and so will throw us all into the same pot. Bingo - what greater quit motivation than give up or go to prison. Job done.

Criminalisation of smokers will only make the vile Smokerphobics happy and give them a huge amount of perverse pleasure to know that smokers are suffering. No one else will benefit at all except Big Pharma's NRT business that will get richer.

Should this happen, the mental syndrome these people suffer from will just find a new focus. Fizzy drinks, perhaps, or burgers; perhaps beer will be the next target of their hypochondria-related phobia once they claim victory in having "dirty, filthy, selfish" smokers removed from their sight and their communities.

Here the Liverpool based anti-tobacco's Third Reich Dmyst is trying to make our Westminster bubble insulated Govt believe that people want law abiding UK smokers criminalised too and the group is already stocking up the armoury.

This minority tax payer funded group was established to promote fear and hatred of people who like smoking using children and young people as human shields to achieve the political and ideological aim of a smoke free world.

Dmyst represents a small number of people who have Smokerphobia - or Anti-Smoker Dysfunctional Syndrome (ASDS) to give it it's proper name - but claims somehow to speak for the general well-balanced majority.

Bearing in mind that Dmyst managed to pull together just 8,000 signatures to ensure smokers are excluded from open air** sports grounds in a city that has a population of 435,500 or more they did a grand job of pulling the wool over the two directors' eyes at Liverpool and Everton.

Not only has the enforcement of this smoke-free-by-force extremist ideology devastated the UK hospitality industry - and I could argue kick-started the general economic decline - but on the whim of an orchestrated minority, regular customers who were once welcomed and poured their hard earned cash into the ground for decades are now given no consideration when or if they attend.

Just imagine what our side could do if we had Dmyst's budget, Govt backing, an organisational structure rather than disorganised pissed off members of the public shouting about how unfair it all is with worn and hoarse voices. Imagine if we were treated fairly and equally and had their huge salaries to motivate us.

Dmyst really wouldn't stand a chance because the majority of British people hate extremism even those who hate smoking. Deep down the British are fair and tolerant and recognise that smokers are considerate or we wouldn't have accepted without any comment all of the restrictions placed upon us year on year over the last four decades.

We complain now because it's all gone too far. Enough is enough. Make room for us somewhere and live with it in your own space and we will stick to ours. Criminalisation is the line we will not allow Govt to cross. The anti-smoker industry can't force through the view that to defend our right to be left alone to enjoy a legal product in free association in the company of like minded friends is extremist - not yet anyway.

This is why Dmyst's poll asking for tobacco to be made illegal and smokers to be treated as smack heads is the next move on the agenda. Dmyst is aiming to get enough orchestrated support before the template of stupid bigoted Govt that knows nothing about smokers' lives follows in some new restrictive form which the antis see as yet another step towards the wet dream of a world without smokers.

See through the illusion and don't let Dmyst get away with yet another anti-smoker confidence trick. Follow the link to the series of anti-smoker polls and make your voice heard.

So far Dmyst's supporters are ahead in calling for criminalisation so in fairness and for a balanced result, share the poll among your own contacts, friends and sympathisers and tell the anti-smoker industry that it has had all it is going to get. No more!

** Not one study has ever been produced, and not once ounce of "evidence" exists, to show that smoking in the open air harms anyone at all including children who, in fact, appear to gain some sort of protection from indoor SHS which they have now been denied because of fraudulent political science to promote the 1970s delusion of a smoke free world by 2000.