Monday, November 14, 2011


Simon Clark over at Taking Liberties thinks the Department of Health's latest attack on smokers is a good thing because it may allow the issue of the fraudulent con of SHS to be brought back out for debate.

I wish I had his faith and I accept he is far more of an optimist than I am. But I don't see it that way. I see it as a corrupt dept led by unelected people with a mental phobia who have been given far too much power and now intend to push that further by wasting millions of our cash on state hate campaigns to finally finish us off.

Make no mistake this campaign, due to be launched in March, is the final step before the final solution which will be criminalisation. I base this assumption on what has gone before from a Govt that feels justified in attacking us, marginalisaing us and stigmatising us and allowing us to have absolutely no say in our own future - nor are we allowed to bring up our children as we want and give them the guidance they need on very important human issues such as tolerance.

Neither do these bigots even consider how a smoker lives - what considerations they give to family members who don't like smoke, where they smoke in their homes or cars or when and whether they smoke around the precious children who are now the property of the state and ASH Uk.

I guess I'll be in prison within five years just for being me when I know for a fact that I have never harmed a single person in my entire life.