Saturday, November 5, 2011


The antis are regressive. Technology can find a solution to soothe their phobic fears

I suppose this is good news of a sort but really the main points to come out of this trial are that James Repace is a lying scumbag and the law can stop you smoking in your own home when you pose no risk to anyone.

Repace is the smokerphobic who invented a dodgy machine that came along at the same time that the anti-smoker industry looked for an excuse to turn the screws tighter on smokers.

It allegedly shows the level of carbon in the atmosphere and the fact that Repace's machine measured carbon in a courtroom where no one was smoking is evidence, if it shows anything at all, that carbon is around us everywhere from other sources at levels that don't harm anyone at all - including those of SHS.

Unfortunately Repace, probably because of his mental phobia about smokers, tried to persuade everyone that they are all in danger everywhere just because a smoker is about - even outside.

The Judge in this case of a greedy neighbour looking to try and make a fast buck from another resident in a street of townhouses ruled :

... David Schuman deserved no compensation for his claim that his neighbor’s secondhand smoke created a nuisance that Greenbelt Homes Inc. (GHI) failed to solve.

It's just a shame the judge wasn't courageous enough to rule that the hyped up SHS scam is a fraud and Repace proved it. But then why would he when he believes the crap himself? The judge lays his sister's lung cancer at the feet of smoking without mentioning that she was unlucky not to be among the 92% of smokers who don't get it or if she never smoked that she was among the unlucky 17%. Neither does he stop to think what other factors may have been responsible. It's convenient and easy to blame smoking and that's fine until the fraud moves to the smoker with a view to ostracising him or her from their neighbours, friends and work colleagues.

Because the Judge's father smoked, he lays all his adult ailments on that. It's such a shame they didn't get an impartial judge but at least Northropp wasn't a raging Smokerphobic.

Sadly, instead, he decided to force a smoker out of his own home with not an ounce of compassion or encouragement of tolerance.

Most of the comments on the linked article above are fair except for one raging loon Lisa Thill whose bile would be worthy of a top place in Dick Puddlecote's psychotic smokerphobic list of fruitcakes.

The judge based on his own reservations about smoking tried to be fair but people like Repace who gain financially by harassing smokers, and Thill, who takes perverse pleasure in being abusive to smokers, are just foul and frankly the law and Govt should not be wasting cash and time humouring them. But then there is money in law suits, I suppose, and smokers are easy and vulnerable targets after all.

Of course this case will now be used in the battle to commit the perfect Third Hand Smoke fraud - designed to make smokers homeless, unemployable, and isolated, the real motive behind it's invention.